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Research Projects

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Wind loading research projects

The cost of damage to buildings and infrastructure due to global extreme weather is estimated to be $150 billion annually, with a significant portion due to wind events. Our wind loading modeling frameworks aim to support resilient design to reduce the cost of damage.

Natural ventilation research projects

Natural ventilation can reduce building energy consumption and improve indoor air quality. Our natural ventilation models aim to support robust design and operational control.

Wind Flow and Dispersion Research Projects

Accurate predictions of the wind flow and pollutant dispersion at pedestrian level can support creating safer, healthier, and more comfortable urban areas.

Wind-Wave Research Projects

An estimated 6.5 million US households are located in areas vulnerable to coastal flooding. Our multi-physics modeling aims to support of the development of infrastructure resilient to extreme wind, storm surge, and wave conditions.

Wind Farm Modeling Research Projects

Predictive wind farm models are necessary for wind farm control and layout optimization applications. Low-fidelity analytical models make these predictions less costly and streamline the design of optimal wind farms.