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Lab Culture

Our lab is an inclusive and collaborative environment, where we work together to advance the use of CFD for sustainable design of buildings and cities. We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and the facilitation of an environment that fosters this goal. We believe collaboration is key to innovation in computational wind engineering, where ideas are shared across multiple disciplines and each person’s unique skills and abilities are considered valuable contributions.

We understand that our mission to support the design of sustainable buildings and cities is inextricably tied with socio-economic and environmental justice issues. We also recognize that historical and current inequities cause some groups to be underrepresented and undervalued in, as well as underserved by, our community. We strive to consider these issues in our research, and engage in outreach activities and educational programs that actively contribute to prioritizing the value of diversity.

Joining our lab

For undergraduates, high-school students, and K-12 teachers: We regularly host interns through one of the many programs supported by the university. Interested candidates can consult the following resources:

For graduate students: If you are already at Stanford, reach out to inquire about a research rotation or independent study, which are excellent opportunities to get involved in our research. If you are preparing to apply for graduate admission, please mention your interest in working in our lab in your application to the CEE graduate program. 

For postdoctoral researchers: We currently don't have open positions for postdoctoral researchers.